Hair Care

Hair is the crowning glory of every individual and thus the health and shine of hair reflects on the personality and confidence levels of that individual.
Eco Rich Cosmetic India's Hair care range of products provides treatments designed to tackle care & repair of all hair types due to its inherent antibacterial and fortifying qualities. It provides blood circulation through scalp conditioning, enhances styling effects, prevents early greying, reduces hair loss and other conditions associated with the scalp skin.
All this is achievable due to our excellent in house cosmetic technology, which uses the latest herbal technology to influence the cells into re-engaging dormant youthful properties thus helping restore hair to a younger and healthier appearance. Available in various gels, foams, sprays and serums, this product line is most appealable and in high demand for both regular routine as well as during special beauty and wellness routines.
All our products are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, and fatty acids which are essential to healthy hair because they provide moisture and nourishment to hair. Since there are no harsh chemicals, the possibility of these products causing damage to your hair is very unlikely and the same goes with allergic reactions and scalp irritation.

The product range for hair care products are:

Nourishes to make hair softer and smoother. Helps to protect normal hair from daily wear and tear. Leaves your hair feeling silky and manageable every day. Shampoo system progressively nourishes, leaving hair healthier in the long run.


Increases natural hair volume and shine. Provides perfect care for dry and damaged hair. Hair become shiny, silky and easily manageable.

Hair Oil

Makes hair stronger from the roots, resulting in Healthy Hair Helps in hair growth Makes hair thicker Moisturizes your scalp Gives you glowing & silky hair

Hair styling gels

Perfect Styling without stickiness Strengthens, nourishes and protects the hair For use on dry and wet hair

Hair Relaxers

Moisture replenishing system. The formula infuses and seals moisturization into each and every hair strand. It makes your hair silky straight with ultimate body and shine

Hair Food

A rich blend of natural oils having contents of vitamins, minerals & proteins Supplies the proper nutrition to bring dead hair follicles back to life Stops hair loss and re-grows hair strong, healthy & soft hair

Scalp Conditioners

Helps treat scalp \itchiness and discomfort. Nourishes scalp and provides great shine for hair. Infused with essential oils.

Hair Premium Creams

Made of moisturizing ingredients, it nourishes without harming the hair.

Keratin & Argon Hair Straitening Shampoo & conditioners

Shampoo works to restore the hair surface, encouraging uniform fibers along the entire length of hair damaged by chemical processes by adding moisture and nourishment to the hair.
Specially formulated for dry and chemically abused hair. Keratin deep moisturizes to help restore elasticity and shine to your hair. Conditioner deep moisturizes and detangles your hair, leaving it softer and ready to style. Keratin and natural oils help restore elasticity, moisture, and shine.